Pitchfork, sculpture with scrap wood, Petrova Gora, Croatia


In the context of a European project launched by José Manuel Barrosso, some pupils from KA Etterbeek in Brussels, coördinated by Thomas Nolf and with the support of Piazza dell'arte, founded the organization C.P.O.M. and decided to erect a wonderful wooden monument in the shape of a pitchfork for the neglected Croatian farmers of today. This monument was built with scrap wood coming from the blooming and devastating wood industry at the site of the Petrova Gora Monument, erected in the eighties to commemorate the partisan farmers who fought the fascist troops of the Ustaše during World War II. This adventure was filmed by Thomas Nolf who wants to broaden the field of documentary photography, and was documented and photographed by other members of C.P.O.M. (Hans Theys)

Pitchfork/C.P.O.M. was commissioned by BOZAR and was part of the group exhibition 'Next Generation, Please', May 17th-29th 2016, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels. With the production support of Piazza Dell'Arte (Benjamin Pattin)