• [...]your photographs are very beautiful, but I’m not very happy, as you could guess, with the way you present the ‘pyramids’ as a legitimate archaeological project, and show real archaeological artefacts hijacked in order to fit in the ‘pyramid’ chimera[...]
    — anonymous opponent of the 'bosnian pyramids'
  • Thank you very much for your letter with the new ideas related to “Bosnian pyramids”. In the hills around Visoko I do not see any “relevant heritage”. For this reason I am not at all interested to participate in the proposed discussion. Please respects this attitude and do not contact me again with this topic.
    — anonymous archaeologist
  • The idea about the exhibition sounds interesting, but frankly, I think that you chose the only venue that is wrong for it. Having very extensive ‘local knowledge’ of that area I can tell you that putting the exhibition in the Zemaljski Museum (especially in the still empty prehistoric wing) would be understood wrongly by the locals as a ‘confirmation’ that the pyramids really exist, regardless of the approach the exhibition might have.
    — anonymous archaeologist
  • Did you receive my email regarding my exhibition proposal?”
    - “We never answer emails with the letter ‘p’ of pyramids
    — Conversation with employee of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the 130th anniversary festivities